InIntefffrIview of a Lifetime

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How does this work?


Free consultation


First,I meet with the family members to determine if this is something you would like to do.  There are many options.  We can do one short interview to gather the highlights of one's life or cover someone's whole life starting from childhood.




I try to meet with folks in their own homes where they'll feel the most comfortable.  I typically interview in 2-3 hour blocks depending on how the participant is feeling.  It takes several days. I watch body language and read cues to tell when it's time to pause. It's an enjoyable process. I use two audio recorders (main and back-up).


Gathering Memoribilia 


I ask the storyteller and their family for photos and interesting memorobilia to scan for the final book. An example of "interesting" is a newspaper article.  High School graduation diplomas are not typically interesting as they haven't changed for many years.




After the sessions are finished, I transcribe them into a rough draft copy.  I use the storyteller's words and organinze the writing so it's in a logical order.  Look at the "Stories" tab on the top right hand side of this page to see examples.


First Draft


After these changes, the client receives a first draft.  At this point, things can be taken out, added, or corrected. Some folks want to delete facts which is completely fine. The storyteller has the final say before we print.



When all changes have been made, we arrange it in a book, and print as many copies as you want for family and friends.  




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